I see you.

I see you.

I see you sincere. No more cracks. No more scars.
I see you whole. All the scattered pieces brought back home.
I see you loved. By an everlasting love that floods your heart with peace.
I see you full. Lacking no good thing.
I see you smile. The pleasures of your soul overflowing and unguarded.
I see you content. Lacking the comparison that once shaded your value.
I see you standing. Basking in the sun, the weight on your shoulders now removed.
I see you confident. You have been shown the way and have walked in it.
I see you pure. The stains of choices past washed by the flood of grace.
I see you rooted. Established in the faith without wavering or doubt.
I see you dancing. Light as air without worry, fear or care, knowing who Has you is able.
I see you trusting. Leaning completely into the arms of Love with childlike abandonment.
I see you valued. Your worth now settled in the Cross, no compromise.
I see you married. To the man that you were created to match.
I see you living. Life eternal that begins in the now.

You, yes her.
Even if you don’t look like her quite yet.

I see you in church, trying to do what’s right. Wanting to know love, but dying inside.
Compromising to feel just a glimpse of acceptance. Searching for beauty, value and purpose.
I see you with your friends, but still feeling alone. Snapping and posting but aching to be known.
I see your heart jump as he looks across the room.
I see your countenance fall when it ends worse and too soon.
When you have all but traded, your all for a hope, a promise that you won’t end up alone.
I see your doubts, the hurts, the worry, the fear.
I see you try, put on a good face, and hold back the tears.
I see you.

You, yes her.
But you don’t look like her anymore.

Hold on, sweet girl, his promises are still true.
Don’t rush, don’t quit, don’t try to make them happen.
This life means more than we could ever imagine.
He cares more about how it plays out, even more than you do.
Because He wants the best for you, not the hand-me-down or knock off version.
He has woven his love in your heart, so that you would be unsatisfied with anything less.
So hold out, be patient, let your heart be content.
His timing is perfect, His choice is top shelf.
His plan is eternal, He proved it by Himself.

So trust again and let your heart breathe.
Your soul needs room to let Him be.
His word will be a lamp in the darkest of nights.
His Presence overcomes loneliness and welcomes you home.

I see you.
You, yes her.

You are beautiful. You are loved. You are accepted. You are wanted. You are cherished. You are important. You are worth the wait. You are worth your Heaven-made match.

Hold on, sweet girl, His promises are for you.

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