The Heart of Why

Navigating this single life is tough.

There are so many girls that are missing out on the life God designed them to live and the beauty they were formed to carry because they have internalized their singleness as a root of their identity. I know because I did too.

This internalization produces feelings of rejection, insecurity, being unwanted, unloved and unattractive and being ashamed. There is also internal and external pressure that comes from influences like culture, family, friends, self, media, and so on… that leads to depression, lack of purpose, a tarnished identity and simply missing out on the good in the single season.

My heart is to see girls not wait till they’re 20 or even 30+ before they realize how wonderful being single can be.

We have this unique opportunity to pursue a deeper relationship with Christ, mature our perspective of the world, and to develop skills and abilities; all carrying us through every other season more prepared.

A healthy perspective of single, a solid foundation of truth and a vulnerable approach of our relationship with Christ will reap benefits in our lives that cannot be measured, whether we are single for another 10 years, or get married tomorrow.

Being single is not just about preparing for marriage, it’s about preparing for life.

Being single is not just about learning to become a good wife for your future husband, it’s about being an accepted daughter.

It’s not just about being single, it’s about living fulfilled in the purpose we were created for, no matter the season.

I also feel that if we can meet her where she is at…while she is a single youth or young adult…we may reduce the fall out of those who graduate high school and leave the church. This may happen because they no longer have a genuine connection to the local church that carries them through the defining years of their singleness.

So feeling left to themselves, they go and find themselves in the world, get hurt, broken, worn down and then look back to the church and God to find relief from all the pain. But now they are wrecked with shame and grief and the consequence of sin.

Within the local church, somewhere between youth group and young families there’s a gap to be bridged and I believe it’s to our singles.

If singles found this connection in your church, where their lives were noticed and their season was affirmed…we may be able to save some from looking to the world for an answer the church already has…Jesus. A relationship with Him, for every season!

Savoring Single is a ministry to bring a message of truth, rooted in love, for hope and healing, while building genuine friendships and expanding the capacity to dream to a generation of young ladies that have a heart for God.

  1. A message of truth that counters the lies our culture has instilled in us about our identity, purpose and destiny as it relates to singleness and relationships;
  1. The true meaning of love that permeates hard and broken hearts and allows healing and reformation of our relationship mentality;
  1. A deeper understanding of the hope and healing we have through the power of the Holy Spirit and our identity in Christ;
  1. A community for support, encouragement and genuine Christ-centered friendship that breeds trust, openness and connection;
  1. A fresh perspective that sees the greater potential of our single season and broadens our capacity to dream in all areas of our lives.