Valentine’s for the Single Soul

Single again this year and not planning on getting any Valentines? I feel you, girl. So, here’s a few love notes to warm your heart and encourage your soul that you’re not in this “being single” thing alone. It’s not even that there are ‘a billion’ more of us girls going solo this year, but because there is One that is nearer than anyone else could ever be and delights in every detail of your life. He loves with a forever love that will never fade or grow cold. He pursues with great devotion. He knows, sees and cares. For you.

So Happy Valentine’s Day… from Him.

Valentines InstaStories_hand2

Valentines InstaStories_love note1

Valentines InstaStories_promise

Valentines InstaStories_stars and thoughts


Valentines InstaStories_tiara

Valentines InstaStories_sweet

Valentines InstaStories_laughter


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