Book Club

I am so excited to be launching our first ever Savoring Single Book Club!

We are an ever-growing family of kindred-heart girls seeking love, purpose, wholeness and vibrancy of life in Christ Jesus!

God has equipped His body with so many who have been faithful already to write their stories down and share what they have learned to help those of us who haven’t gone quite as far yet.

This Book Club will help us uncover these resources, explore them together and grow in our walks with God. I pray we will each find greater understanding, instruction, hope, truth, answers to questions, better questions to ask and a deeper hunger to walk this season hand-in-hand with God.

You are not alone and we are in this together!

First Book Club Launches on June 5th via a Closed Facebook Group.

Everyone is invited, but only those who join the group will be able to see the posts, watch the videos and join in on the conversation – and I hope you will. Not only that, share it with our best gal friends so we can go on this journey together!

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