I believed for many years that my purpose in life was to get married. So, because I wasn’t married, I carried around shame like I was a disappointment.

Coupled with the desire to be wanted and to be loved, it led me into depression.

but girls…your purpose is NOT to get married. You may one day get married, but that doesn’t mean it’s your purpose in life. If your purpose is on anything less than knowing Christ and making him known, than you’ve sold yourself short…for a purpose defined by culture, rather than by God.

Don’t settle (I’m not talking about a lesser dude than you deserve…though that, too) but don’t settle for one dream deferred than the treasure chest full of other dreams God is wanting to dream through you.

Find your purpose in him.



It’s the first thing that my eyes go to when I look at a photo – will anyone else notice? Does it look that bad?  Can I filter it away?

I remember a guy that I was dating told me that I was beautiful. I shrugged it off, like most of us do, and immediately thought of that flaw, that one that I think keeps me from being beautiful. I remember pointing it out to him and he said, “I never even noticed.”

So, don’t think that your flaw is what is holding you in singleness. Because your one-day guy may not even notice it. Not because he’s not paying attention, but because it will never matter to him like it matters to you.

Even more-so with God.

God sees you different. He sees you as the perfect daughter that he created with his own hands. He shaped and molded every part of who you are. He’s the highest volume producer and never has a recall. He sees your beauty past the acne. He sees your value past your shame. He sees your heart past your brokenness. He sees you different.

You may be flawed, but you are loved.
You may be flawed, but you are accepted.
You may be flawed, but you are beautiful.

Don’t let your heart be discouraged, for you are his delight. (Psalm 18)