Hope Deferred


We’ve all heard the verse about “Hope Deferred,” and probably identified with it… a little too well. Like, maybe camped at heartsick, homesick, wish I was dating and married already. But it wasn’t until I read the rest of the verse that I realized my hope didn’t HAVE to be deferred. Wait. What?

I pray this encourages your heart into Savoring Single with far less ups and downs, depressing days and utter disappointments. Because that’s just no way to live this once-in-a-lifetime single season.


For all you girls headed back to school

GirlBack2School_schoolThe pale grey cinder block walls and glossy white floors that reflect harsh fluorescent lighting may very well become the framework for all this year will contain. Like coloring the edges of a coloring book before shading in the rest, our best hope is that we won’t color outside the lines. Because even in the age of messy-hair-don’t-care, no one really wants messy.  Continue reading “For all you girls headed back to school”

P:13 A girl and her daddy

I get it. Being a girl in this generation has been tough. It’s probably always been tough for different reasons, but being known as the fatherless generation sure seems to say a lot.

Most of us girls who had good dads could probably say we are or were a daddy’s girl at some point. Those of us who never had the opportunity, just wish we had.

There is something in us, as girls and as daughters, to want the love and affirmation of a father. Continue reading “P:13 A girl and her daddy”

P:12 “Trendy must-have” or “so last season”

I was half way through the first season of Pretty Little Liars when I caught on to the overall gist of the entire plot. I’m late to catch on, so I must admit this was a binge-watching session (after they were already on the 2nd season) and I had just watched a half-a-dozen or so episodes in a row. #helloNetflix #Guilty. Anyway. If they had just told the truth from the beginningContinue reading “P:12 “Trendy must-have” or “so last season””

P:9 More Wisdom = Less Trouble

“It is to your advantage to be wise. But to ignore the counsel of wisdom is to invite trouble into your life.” Proverbs 9:12

If ignoring counsel means trouble, imagine the benefit of heading it; the exact opposite of trouble! It is good for us to remember the God behind the wisdom being shared in Proverbs. We can see into His heart for us by the tools He is giving us to help direct our lives. Continue reading “P:9 More Wisdom = Less Trouble”