P:11 If Calories didn’t Count

I read a great article yesterday about the television and entertainment we consume and if, as Christians, we should really be feeding on what it’s offering us. I’ve put the link below as it’s definitely worth the read.

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23

The things we allow to come into our lives, come in through what we see, listen to and experience. The wisest man that ever lived told us there is an “above all else.” So if the top guy tells me there’s a top thing, it’s probably worth listening to. And here’s why:

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

What does all this have to do with watching TV? Great question!

What we are watching or listening to, has a far greater impact over the course of our lives than we likely give it credit. If we watch shows that represent infidelity, gossip, deception, drama, sex, etc. as morally sound we become numb to the conviction that these things stand in opposition to the freedom and vibrancy of life God has designed us to live.

I remember giving my parents the excuse, “but it’s just on TV, it’s not like I’m doing it” line! Only, I was. We were even grounded from watching Full House. FULL HOUSE! Why? Because we began to demonstrate the same attitude as those girls had. The proof? It’s where we learned to roll our eyes.

We can’t feast on something and expect it to not work through and make some form of deposit. I mean, if calories weren’t a thing, wouldn’t we somehow feel freer to consume whatever and whenever?

But just because watching Hollywood’s images and messages doesn’t add to our waist lines, it does add to the weight of something we were never intended to carry, and that is sin.

“The Lord can’t stand the stubborn heart bent toward evil, but he treasures those whose ways are pure.” 11:20

A stubborn heart bent towards evil sounds like a good majority of what I generally refer to as “Hollywood.” Movies, music, television, even commercials and video games are bent towards evil. They celebrate immorality that contradicts our faith and values, and to our approval. Because we keep watching it.

Let’s step away from just the sin aspect. I love Hallmark movies as much as the next girl. Christmas is a favorite season of mine for all the Jesus-centered, family focused, heart-warming reasons; but also because I love all the Christmas Hallmark movies. Cheesy? Maybe. I even read a post that they’ve produced 33 new ones for this season. What does that tell me? They’ve dropped a ton of cash and time into an industry that women are feeding on by the masses. Me included. (Except not this year, but more on that in a bit.)

And what are we feeding on? PG-rated romance. Boy meets girl. Girl is dating a jerk, goes out of town, meets a nice guy, falls in love, dumps the jerk, meets happily ever after. Sprinkle in a little drama, snow and Christmas lights and you’ve got a classic!

And in what may seem like a silly made-for-tv movie, the longings of our hearts are being shaped to view love, romance and men as they’ve portrayed it. We begin go desire the traits we see in the wood-working contractors. We want to be swept off our feet with a sleigh ride and weekend get away. We think a vacation is going to change our lives. Eventually we want to escape because we’ve been shown time and time again that this is where and how love happens.

Our reality gets compared to their production and in the contrast we are left feeling jaded, more lonely and depressed.

God knows you and He knows your story. He knows the longings of your heart and the perfect answer to every desire you have. However, if we feast on how the world sees those desires met, we can fall into the trap of getting them our own way. This always leads to trouble and we will be left unsatisfied.

“The Lord satisfies the longings of all his lovers, but he withholds from the wicked what their souls crave.” 10:3

When you love God in an authentic, alive and growing relationship, you will soon find the longings of your heart being met even if your circumstances haven’t changed. Religion can’t offer that and neither can sin.

So guard your heart, girl. Your very happiness, purpose and destiny lie within how well you steward the matters of your own heart. Every place that you open for God to come in and reign in will be fulfilled. What place can you invite Him into today?

“the longings of the lovers of God will all be fulfilled.” 10:24

As far as not watching them this year… I share more in-depth on this in my book – by the way, it’s in the last stage of edits so coming soon!!!! – but God spoke the word “consecration” over my life and I am fasting all movies and television for a year. At least a year, we’ll see. I’m loving how much it’s changing my life and my heart. It’s had an immediate impact on the health of my soul and thought-life. It’s definitely been worth it! So no Christmas Hallmark movies for me this year, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing 😊

In this with you girl, Shelley

Matt Walsh: Christians, it’s simple: if that TV show won’t bring you closer to God — don’t watch it

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