P:10 This is Your Year!

I have this random love of school supplies. I have to fight the urge every year not to buy them. I have no need of No. 2 pencils, crayons or College-Ruled notebooks, so I digress. Willing myself past the displays that clutter our aisles at Walmart, I feel like I’m passing by the opportunity for adventure.

Adventure? Yes! Think about the wonder, knowledge and exploration that stands on the other side of brand new school supplies. The pages of those notebooks are filled with ink and led, color and imagination. Understanding, frustration and friendship are scribbled onto those pages. From stick figures of a kindergartner’s family to the first draft of a research paper, from a note passed between classes to the first drawing that endowed a love of art. Life happens when new school supplies cease to be new, pages run out, markers dry up and pencils become dull.

We’re embarking upon a new school year, and though that doesn’t actually have anything to do with me, a sign that said “this is your year BTS 2017” stuck out to me. Soon buses will run, bells will ring and newly sharpened pencils will be used for the first time. Memories will be made, new friendships will form and this season, this school year, will become a part of life.

And there are parts of life we simply can’t miss. No matter how much we may have wanted to miss school, we can probably look back on how greatly it impacted our lives.

Sure, I don’t remember much of what was taught, but I had far greater life experiences from going to school than just an education.

Books can’t teach you what friendship is like, how bad rejection hurts, what it feels like to crush on a boy, or what it’s like to feel invisible. In computer science, I learned that sarcasm is a boomerang that stings when it comes back. In government, I understood what it meant to stand for something. In biology, I learned what butterflies felt like.

There are many seasons of our lives that if we skip, will leave us unprepared for what’s to come.

“Know the importance of the season you’re in and a wise son you will be. But what a waste when an incompetent son sleeps through his day of opportunity!” Proverbs 10:5 Passion

God wants us to recognize the importance of the season we are in, so that we’re not left unprepared, looking back, and wishing we could have done it differently.

Being single is just as important a season in your life as marriage and having kids.

Our single season is a huge part of who we are going to be and determines the course of the rest of our lives! This season is important. This is your year to understand the importance of being single, to embrace the beauty in it that God has for you, to cultivate a life that’s worth living and to be done waiting on marriage to thrive!

Just like school is so much more than an education, your single season is so much more than finding Mr. Right!

Senioritis is a legit struggle. It was a long time ago, but I remember. Those last few months seemed impossible to bare. I was just ready to be done already. And maybe you feel that way now. Ready to be dating or in a relationship, or even married with kids.

Either way, I can tell you this, “this is your year!” It may not be the year you start dating the man you marry, but it can still be your year! Your year to begin a new adventure, wear out a few notebooks, write several chapters of your life’s epic story.

I know it’s fun to get excited about what’s around the next corner. We couldn’t wait to go to school the first time, matching lunchbox and backpack in tow. Nervous we eagerly anticipated middle school with changing classes. Then we just wanted to be cool and to feel grown and high school seemed to make us feel just that. But then, to graduate. Oh my heavens, yes!

Being single, it can be fun to get excited about what’s around the corner, I get it.

But let’s not live for the corner.

Somehow it says what’s coming is going to be better which makes today seem less important and lack-luster. Instead, let’s live for the life we know in our hearts God has called us to, trusting He’s directing our steps, and that we won’t miss a single adventure He’s got coming our way.

I look at school supplies and see adventure; life to live and memories to make. I guess I have come to see being single just the same way, it’s not just necessary, it’s rather enjoyable.

This is your year!

In this with you girl, Shelley

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