P:7 More than just a woman

Proverbs consistently talks about this seductive woman. Much more than I ever realized. I have always loved Proverbs for the black-and-white matter of fact way of looking at life. But reading it again, one chapter a day, and this girl just keeps coming up. And probably for good reason. But only if we separate our understanding of her as just an immoral woman that wants to lead men into sex.

She’s also religion, complacency, apathy, laziness, false religion. She’s worldly temptation and religious performance. She represents anything that is drawing you away from your relationship with Christ and into a lesser value than He has deemed you worthy of.

“Come with me, it’ll be all right.
I’ve got everything we need for a feast.
I’ll cook you a wonderful dinner.
So here I am – I’m all yours!”
Proverbs 7:14 Passion

She… it… that temptation… may very well sound a lot like this:

Come with me, away from where you are. Away from consecration and righteousness. Come away for a while, it’ll be all right. It will always turn out okay. It won’t be as bad as they’ve said. Just a little won’t hurt. See, I’ve got everything we need. For a feast. For the fun you’ve been wanting. For the pleasure you’ve been needing. You’re so uptight all the time, this feast will do you good. Get your fill. Eat, drink, be merry! Who’s to know? Who’s to see? Who’s to care? It’s not hurting anyone.

If a feast is too much for you, I’ll cook you a wonderful dinner. If you don’t want to go all the way, at least come this far. It will satisfy the appetite you’ve been craving. Some of what is good for you plus some of what you really want. Drink deep. Eat full. No need to go away hungry, still longing, still wanting, still waiting. Have your fill. See that I am here. You’re not alone. I am here. I am here to help you do what you have always really wanted. Not only am I here, but I am all yours. All that I have is yours. I freely give you all that I am for all that you are. My smooth words for your naivety. My darkness for your strength. My seduction for your innocence. My rebellion for your chastity. My enticement for your longing. My affection for your disgrace. My pleasure for your soul.

We know the devil doesn’t come at us with horns and a pitch-fork, we’d be too smart for that.

But cunning deception targeted at our weakness may sound just good enough to try. Eve did.

We wonder how she ever gave up all that she had… but she didn’t know she was giving it up, until she had already been deceived.

If we stick close to His instruction, follow His advice and do what He says, we will live well. Isn’t that what we’re really after to begin with. Isn’t that what Eve wanted. To live well. To be well. We’re promised it, if we guard our life by His truth and treasure His instruction! 7:1-3 We’ll also know the counterfeit much easier if we know what God’s original looks and sounds like!

Girl, get hungry for more understanding of God’s Word and a deeper revelation of His love! That’s what Eve wanted but ended up choosing the counterfeit.

We have her example so we don’t have to do the same, we can know the difference!

In this with you girl, Shelley

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