P: 5 There’s more than hoping for the best

What has been accepted by the majority is now often seen as common. Sex has become common and by it, lost its value to so many aching for that very thing. To feel valuable. To be known and loved. There are many stories of those who have, but wish they hadn’t and I am thankful for their voice, but do we really hear them? Maybe you’ve heard it before but didn’t really believe it, thought your relationship was different or simply wanted to go it your own way and hope for the best.

“If only I had listened to wisdom’s voice and not stubbornly demanded my own way, because my heart hated to be told what to do!” Proverbs 5:12 Passion

But your best will always and forever be wrapped up in God’s unending and never changing love for you.

The warnings He gives us are proof of that love, with all intention that wisdom and discernment would enter our hearts and save us from pain, grief and consequence.

He doesn’t want your years to be squandered – given over to the cruel one. 5:9
He doesn’t want the scars of your own conscience to become the ropes that tie you up. 5:22
He doesn’t want pieces of you to die for lack of self-control. 5:23
He doesn’t want you to be robbed of your destiny. 5:23

You were never built to carry a bitter conscience. 5:4
You were never made to feel the sting of sin piercing your soul like a sword. 5:4

You were made to know love. 5:15
Truly loved. Loved like He first loved us. Unconditional + selfless.
Sex does not equal love and sex outside of marriage is quite the opposite. Short-sighted + selfish.

God created sex. All that He created was good. But we only experience His goodness when we live according to the patterns and boundaries that He established.

“My son, share your love with your wife alone. Drink from her well of pleasure and from no other. Why would you have sex with a stranger, or with anyone other than her? Reserve this pleasure for you and her alone and not with another. Your sex life will be blessed as you take joy and pleasure in the wife of your youth…” 5:15-19

We cannot hope to walk in His blessing when we traverse our own path. “He sees everything you do and his eyes are wide open.” This isn’t a scary mean-dad thing…this is an I love you so much I am going to continually pursue you with Perfect Love and give you a chance at a way out so that you don’t have to go down this path. I want my light to hit your every dark place. My love to fill every low place. My identity to rewrite every label. My grace to remove every shame. Everything twisted by sin is a counterfeit to something I created that was good. Return to my good for you. Trust that it is better than anything the world could offer (Psalm 139:11-12, 1 Corinthians 10:13, Psalm 119:64, 1 Peter 2:9, Isaiah 54:4, 3 John 1:11).

He desires a relationship for you that has love without strings. Sex without shame. Intimacy without rejection. Vulnerability without exposure. Truth drenched in love.

I encourage you to read Proverbs 5 with an open heart to hear God’s best for you about sex, which is meant to be anything but common. 5:19

MoralRevolution.com is a great resource for those that would like to read further on this topic or to find help and healing.

If you are waiting, just know girl, you are not alone! And if you haven’t, but feel the tug of God on your heart, begin today!

In this with you girl, Shelley

One Reply to “P: 5 There’s more than hoping for the best”

  1. Wonderful post Shelley! It can be challenging, but God’s plan for marriage is so beautiful! I know that following God’s plan and waiting will be worth it! I love your layout too! I am also a Christian blogger, so I appreciate a user-friendly and appealing looking website.


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