SINGLE does not mean…

Hey girl!

Single, huh? Young or old, if the shoe fits, let’s wear it – not begrudgingly, like it’s an ugly work boot, or in complete pain because it’s cute but doesn’t really fit and is causing some major blisters….uh huh, been there and done that – but like the glass slipper that fit Cinderella perfectly (even before Prince Charming put it back on her foot, hello!).

Single is such an amazing part of our journey…of course I didn’t realize that until a few years ago, but hey, at least I haven’t spent all my single days just “Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying” (song from My Best Friend’s Wedding)Because most of those days were dark and sad and lonely. I spent a long time blaming myself, then God, then my small church, then….until I finally realized there was no one to point a finger at.

I am single, and it is perfectly okay. Nothing is wrong. No one screwed up. It isn’t God punishing me or because I didn’t measure up. I am single because it is part of life. And now I’ve learned how much being single is a gift…and one that won’t last forever. I’ll get married someday, but it won’t be the beginning of my journey, or the end. It’ll be a continuation of this learning to trust Abba Father with my whole heart in every circumstance and season, becoming the truer version of myself that He already sees me as, and having a heck of a lot of fun in the process!

So to be able to Savor this season most of us have probably avoided like the plague, we’ve got to redefine it. Single isn’t just preparation for marriage. Single isn’t punishment. Single isn’t rejection because you are not qualified for marriage. Single doesn’t mean you’re unlovable or unwanted. Single isn’t about finding who you are, either.

To savor is “to give yourself to the enjoyment of  something” ( So, give yourself to enjoying single. It’s a part of life and can be so much more enjoyable if we see it from a fuller perspective. To live in the now. Enjoy the now. Grow in the now. Have fun in the now. That’s how you Savor it!

So, I hope you’ll follow along and join this crazy awesome journey with me to Savor Single!

in this with you girl,

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